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School Counseling: College Planning


1. Once you are a SENIOR and you have submitted your application to a specific college, make sure to connect your Common App and Naviance accounts. If you need help please see your school counselor. 

2. Once you have applied to the college either through the common application or the college website, you MUST request your transcript through Naviance. 

3. The Counseling Office does not send ACT/SAT test scores to the colleges. Colleges do require official scores directly from ACT or Collegeboard. When you register to take these tests you must put down the colleges you want your scores sent to or they can be sent at a later date.

4. To register for the ACT go to and for the SAT go to

5. Make sure students know when college deadlines are: The Counseling Office requires at least a two-week notice for all application deadlines. 

FERPA Waiver:

Students applying to colleges must complete the FERPA Waiver on the Common Application. This enables the Counseling Office to send records electronically through Naviance.  

College Visits:

  • It is very important for students to be visiting colleges before their senior year.
  • You will not really know if that college is for you unless you have been on the campus and get a comfortable feeling.
  • Many college admission officers come to LHS to meet with students in person. These visits will all be listed on Naviance for students to see and hopefully sign up to attend.


A listing of all national scholarships or any scholarship that is mailed to our office is available on Naviance for students to apply to.


Some schools require an essay(s) to accompany the application. This gives the admissions committee a sense of the applicant's writing ability and provides insight into the student. The essay should address the topic clearly and honestly. Also, ask a teacher or parent to proof your essay. Begin these early!

Letter of Recommendation/Worksheet for Counselor:

Complete and return to Counseling Office a Letter of Recommendation Worksheet (download here). Your counselor will use the information about you as he or she writes a letter of recommendation to be sent with the college application.

Watch Deadlines!

 1. Colleges do not accept late applications.
 2. Sign your application.
 3. Follow all instructions carefully. Each college has its own set of instructions and requirements.

Helpful Tools:

College Comparison Worksheet

Please allow the Counseling Dept. two weeks to process your applications



    • OhioHigherEd
    • Dept. of Education's site on how to prepare, search and pay for college