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Students Honored in NYT Photo Contest

Students Honored in NYT Photo Contest

Representing LHS are:


Jane Wagle, Elizabeth S., Lana C.: “Burning for Roller Derby”


Anajda Dajlanaj: "The Orchestra Family"

Angelina Detore: "The BabyTron Family"

Josette E. Ballou, Owen R., and Piper M.: "The Pit We Call Home"

Riley Forster, 16, and Madison T.: "A Beautiful Art: Dancing"

Rylie Griffin, Joseph G., Madelaine G., and Sophia L.: "Joy in the Action and Between the Lines"

Sami Shrestha, Olive R., and Ayla F.: "Hostility Means Hospitality in the Cleveland Punk Scene"

Shannon Katzenberger: “There Go the Loudest Women This Town Has Ever Seen”


Congratulations to all the talented students for their amazing work!